Custom woven labels with personalized logos for clothing brands

Supply custom woven labels for clothing brands with personalized logos, like damask or satin woven labels, crochet woven labels, main/size/care/neck labels. Also, the materials include polyester, damasks, satins, taffetas, cotton, etc. And there are many types of sewing clothing labels & tags or woven brand labels. Such as damask woven labelsselvage/satin woven labelsnature cotton woven labelswoven size or care labelswoven main or neck labelscrochet woven labels, iron-on woven labels, etc. Besides, we manufacture and wholesale recycled eco-friendly woven labels for customers.

Woven labels are the most popular and chosen labels due to their nature. They are made of polyester woven on professional Jacquard looms. And we can use them to show the brand name, logo, and connotation. In addition, we can print the size, origin, composition, or text on the label. So, they are ideal for clothing, shoes and hats, handbags, and home textile products. Thus, they will not fade. We can machine wash them at all temperatures. And they will retain their shape after repeated washing. Further, they come in a number of ways: flat, folded, die-cut, iron-on, or self-adhesive.

All of our woven labels are custom-made, then we can provide you with a unique design. We work with you through a custom process. You can specify every detail of the woven label, including material, size, and folding options. We will provide the latest style samples to change style references. This is free. At the same time, our premium labels capture a high amount of detail and include up to 8 thread colors. Besides, we can ship to the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, etc.

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