Let me give you an in-depth understanding of garment label classification based on machines

Woven labels, also known as fabric labels or woven labels, are sometimes referred to as “tags”. However, there are clear distinctions between the three. Tags have the broadest range of uses and fabric labels can refer to either textiles or printed labels. The manufacturing process for Woven labels is very similar to that of weaving, and their main characteristic is that the warp and weft threads are typically white or black, while images and text are shown in the weft threads.

Woven labels can be classified into the following three categories based on their manufacturing process and machinery:

The first category is West German woven labels. These labels are woven along the warp direction, then cut with a knife, making them also known as cut-edge machinery. Based on their pattern, they can be divided into two types: flat commodity labels and segment commodity labels.

The second category is wooden shuttle woven labels. These labels come out of the machine as a whole piece, and the edges are wrapped, with the weft threads from start to finish appearing as if they are of the same color, with a soft touch.


The third category is crochet woven labels, which are similar to wooden shuttle woven labels, but are not shuttle machinery products, but knitted products. These three types are very common classification methods, and can easily be noticed in daily life.

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