What are the common materials for hang tags?

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In our daily lives, various types of clothing are common, and clothing tags, like clothing, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From its appearance, it can be seen that it is diverse, with long rectangular shapes, folded shapes, circular shapes, triangular shapes, pocket styles, and other special shapes. So, what are the common materials for clothing tags? The following is an introduction :

The advantages of clothing tags: Generally made of paper materials, it is convenient for printing or printing. Some leather product factories also choose leather materials to make tags according to customer requirements. Common tag material characteristics include:

1) White cardboard: Strong, relatively durable, smooth, and rich and full color when printed or printed.

2) Copperplate paper: Good whiteness and glossiness. When printed or printed, it can make the picture reflect a sense of three-dimensionality, but its firmness is not as good as that of white cardboard.

3) Kraft paper: High toughness, strong, not easy to tear, generally suitable for printing monochrome or less colorful labels.

4) Black cardboard: Strong and durable, with black color. Because black cardboard is black itself, its biggest disadvantage is that it cannot print colors, but it can be used for hot stamping, hot silver, and other processes, which are relatively simple and atmospheric.

The common materials for clothing tags are introduced here. When looking at the texture of clothing tags, most of the materials used to make tags are paper, but there are also plastic and metal materials. Tag manufacturers must choose different materials for production according to different requirements, so it is necessary to understand different materials.


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