What are woven labels, cloth labels and washing labels?

I believe that friends who are engaged in the clothing industry have a good understanding of cloth labels and woven labels. Label washing is no stranger, but laymen may not understand what these are? What’s the meaning? Today, the editor will take you to understand it simply!

woven labels

1. Woven labels and shipping marks are almost the same. They are usually used on clothing, clothing accessories, bags or various handicrafts to mark the brand and size specifications. Collar labels and clothing labels are all woven labels. We can quickly know the basic information such as the material and size of the clothes through the data on the weaving label.

2. Cloth label. The woven label made of cloth is called cloth label. There are many kinds of cloth labels, which are usually used for some cloth products. The logo on the feed bag is also a cloth label, and there are some special materials like PU leather.

washing care labels

3. Washing marks, can also be called washing marks, washing marks, washing marks, clothes, home textiles can be seen in washing marks, bags, etc. are also common places, generally used to print cleaning requirements for clothes or drying, etc. The problem is that it can be washed with water, it will not fade, it will not be washed, and it can be rinsed repeatedly.

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