What is the difference between clothing printed labels and woven labels?

It is understood that printing marks are also labels, and washing marks are one of the methods of printing in the printing industry. They are often used in clothing, shoes, hats, socks, quilts, and other daily necessities or textiles. The material composition of the product and the standard of washing water. Woven labels are sewn on clothes and trousers, and contain text, letters, and LOGO patterns. Used by garment factories, garment factories, and home textile factories when they produce, manufacture, process, or sell clothing and home textiles, and are used to distinguish the source of clothing and home textiles, consisting of words, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional marks, color combinations, or The combination of the above elements, a hallmark of distinctive features, is also a product of the modern economy. Compared with woven labels, printing labels are printed trademarks, including washing labels, also known as washing labels or water labels, as well as size labels or size labels and certificates on clothing tags. So far, more and more garment factories have made the main label into a printing method, and the materials include ribbon, cotton belt, ribbon, satin cloth, cotton cloth and so on. In this way, these main marks are also called printed marks.


So what is the difference between clothing printed labels and woven labels?

Printing marks are printed, so the colors are rich, full, bright, high-definition, the products are more fashionable and the production efficiency is high. As the production method of woven labels is similar to that of weaving cloth, the output is not as high as that of printed labels, but it is washable and not easy to fade, and the products appear to be more high-end.

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