What is the difference between woven labels and ribbons?

When we buy clothes, we can all notice that there are trademarks on the clothes, usually two trademarks appear at the same time, the brand logo on the neckline is usually a woven label, and there is a water cleaning label on the abdomen. The most is the printed label washing water mark. The woven label trademark is one of the essential components in clothing accessories, also known as shipping marks, cloth labels, and clothing labels. So what is the difference between woven labels and ribbons? Let’s take a look together:

woven labels

  1. The production machinery is different: one is produced by a ribbon loom, and the other is produced by a weaving label machine, but they are all jacquard machine series;

  2. Although both are machine-woven, under normal circumstances, the ribbon is a woven product, and the woven label is a knitted product;

  3. The main purpose is different: the ribbon is usually used for decoration, and the woven label is the core embodiment of the product;

  4. Sometimes the two can intersect, so many people are confused;

  5. There are a variety of products under the frame of the woven label (cut edge woven label, crochet label, wood machine woven label), and the ribbon product series is also the same (with words, without words, polyester, nylon, polypropylene);

  In general, well-designed and manufactured woven labels can not only embellish and decorate the main body of clothing, but also play a very good role in brand promotion, suitable for high-end clothing, suits, women’s clothing, toys, hats and other clothing.

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