Why do we need to lock the edge of the cloth label of the woven label?

woven labels

  At present, there are more and more technical applications of clothing accessories, and the quantity is also high. With the development of the times, it has made progress in processing and is widely used in clothing. Different industries have different requirements for the size, size, color and shape of these woven logos and cloth labels, which plays a role in the identification of the product, and most people feel that by using woven logos and cloth labels clothing accessories to show the identity of the brand Advantage is not impossible!

woven labels
the woven labels list

  Woven labels and logos are usually selvedge or selvedge. However, we often see a lock around the braid mark. Some customers think that the woven markers also have locks. In fact, this is a wrong understanding. Typically, woven labels are woven by machine without locking, which is a process that is added later. Selvedge is a sewing method used on the edge or buttonhole of a woven label. The stitches are very dense and the threads are beveled or hooked, which prevents the fraying of the knitting marks and consolidates the computer knitting marks.

  Selvedges are common in woven fabrics. In terms of demand for clothing accessories, many customers worry about whether the fabric is strong enough. In fact, the elders have already had corresponding methods to solve these problems. They come in a range of methods, such as touching and sizing. Of course, the selvedge we are talking about has a reinforcing effect to a certain extent, and it can also make the woven trademark more beautiful and three-dimensional.

  Although clothing weaving trademarks and logos have no direct impact on clothing functions, they play a certain role in monitoring clothing quality, guiding and publicizing consumers. In the clothing market or many clothing evaluations, in the process of choosing clothing, the value of clothing is often reduced due to improper selection of some accessories.

  Correct selection of clothing accessories can improve the quality and grade of clothing. On the contrary, it may affect the overall effect of clothing, marketing performance and clothing use. Now, China’s export garments often focus on fabrics and linings, disregarding quality, tone, style and humanity, while ignoring insignificant clothing accessories.

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