Wooden shuttle machine weaving

The density is not very high, but the material is soft and shiny, and the upper and lower selvedges feel comfortable.
Wooden shuttle machine weaving
Wooden shuttle machine woven labels are generally used as satin labels, but the background color of satin is difficult to express, and hot coloring, dyeing and other processes are often used to solve this problem. The machines for weaving edges generally have wooden shuttle machines, and the colors generally cannot exceed four.

1. Classification of wooden shuttle machines: There are Taiwan wooden shuttle machines and Japanese wooden shuttle machines.
2. Woven label with wooden shuttle:
It is a weaving edge cloth label. When the required trademark is woven out according to the width at one time, it is called a weaving edge trademark. This process avoids many of the disadvantages of trimming, but yields are lower. There are also flat and satin, and the characteristic is that the logo is a complete piece after it is woven from the machine, and it feels soft. Disadvantages: low production efficiency, only five or less colors can be used. More suitable for high-end clothing items, such as fashion, suits and so on.

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