woven labels with own logo

Everyone is familiar with clothing labels. When people choose clothing products, they will get more information about clothes by looking at clothing labels.

So how to design your own label creatively and enhance brand value?

1⃣️Find a professional designer to design your own clothing brand logo✅
Although some brand names are just an English word, when they appear as a logo, each letter has been designed by a designer. Audience inseparable;
2⃣️Determine the content on the washing mark label✅
The wash label is usually sewn on the side seam of the garment. (The car in the middle of the back collar and the back waist is usually the main logo, and the logo is the brand of the clothing)
Main label: generally fixed on the back collar/waistband, the label is the brand of the clothing.
Hang tag: a small piece of paper hung by a rope, marked with the brand name, fabric composition, manufacturer information, guide price, etc. .
Hanging grain: the rope for hanging the tag.
3⃣️Choose the appropriate icon for image interpretation✅
Usually graphics can express meaning more directly than words, especially commonly used graphics in the industry, you can customize the corresponding icon according to your own brand to unify the visual image;
4⃣️ Reasonable use of brand DNA✅
Hermès orange is a well-known brand representative color. When it comes to orange in the fashion circle, everyone can think of Hermès. This brand color has been integrated into the brand’s DNA. For example, the red color of Coca-Cola and the red and blue color combination of Pepsi;
5⃣️Choose the appropriate material✅
The washing label has different materials to match different product information.
Nylon is commonly used
Blended (TC)
Pure cotton (Cotton)
Full-dull Fabrics
Semi-dull Fabrics
Bright Fabrics
Pearl Finished Fabrics, etc.;

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